Popcorn Sponsor $900.00

POPCORN SPONSOR will receive the following, in addition to working with you on signage

and location for the POPCORN SPONSOR sacks, locations for sales, and other marketing

ideas for popcorn and your branding.

This is an opportunity to have your company associated with each screening where popcorn

is provided. During the pre-screening your company will have a verbal thank you from the

host of the screening.

Company name and/or logo or personal name and sponsor acknowledgement on website

(link included, 88 x 31 pixels or equivalent).

Company name and/or logo in Festival Program Guide (2K distribution) and Digital Expo map.

Company will receive 6 All Festival Passes, and




Press Photo Backboard Sponsor $1,000

PRESS PHOTO BACKBOARD SPONSORS will receive the following:

This is an opportunity to have your company name or logo on the Press Photo Backboard

with the name of the Festival.

Your logo will be on the Press Page on the website, and sign in the News Room.

Quarter-page ad in the Festival Program Guide (2K distribution).

You will receive 8 All Festival Passes


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Festival Marketing